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Child Drawing Guiding Technique

Drawing can sharpen the creativity of children. If they unfamiliar and does not practice the ability to draw, they will become the same as others. Uniform, because used to imitate. Invite the child to train himself drawing. Drawing and colouring activities are important for children. The reason, this activity to train important functions in the development of physical, emotional, and cognitive children. For that we recommend you visit the Coloring page that we created on our website.

Drawing and colouring activities are a suggestion for the child to express himself or herself with the image he or she loves, provided you do not dictate what images. If in the old days, in school, children used to copy and imitate the “template” of the teacher, for example, picture two mountains, with the sun in the middle.

Therefore, to guide the child to draw needs to be considered. Parents or anyone who is often with the child can invite them to draw and colour more often as a way to encourage the child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development, but in a fun way. Here are some suggestions from www.learnhowdraw.com to guide children drawing and colouring:

– Provide materials for your little drawing, such as a special paper or picture book, or colouring book. For colouring tools, look for the ones that are nontoxic and safe for children.

– Support his efforts to draw and colour through the beautiful expressions of colours he can use, draw lines, and shapes that can be tried by the child.

– Teach the concept of technique. For example, thick, thin, wide, narrow, dark, light, angle, shape, contour, and so on.

– Do not forget to appreciate the results of his work. For example, by attaching the image to the refrigerator door, or framed and displayed in a space that can be seen by many people. Show the relatives, neighbours, or relatives who come, occasionally praise his work. This will encourage confidence of the child.

– Provide an opportunity for your child to choose the subject he wants to draw and the colouring she wants. Some people assume that the colouring sheets will contain the creativity of the child. However, this activity also plays a vital role in developing fine motor abilities of children.