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Seal Tape Prevent Leakage of Plumbing and Faucet Connections

A good water pipe installation should be supported by the selection of quality materials. Similarly, supporting components such as taps and seals. These two components must support each other so that water does not seep and damage the faucet. Seal tape or commonly called tape is often considered a component that is not important. Not infrequently the installation of faucets to the pipes and pipe connections that have a thread (drat) done at will. Though the type of seal tape has different usage. For example, a water pipe seal tape is different from a gas pipe or low-pressure water seal tape is different from high pressure. Seal tape is made of poly (tetrafluoroethylene) / PTFE which is manufactured with modern technology to produce quality products. That’s why gas fitters in Edmonton provide the best service for you with sophisticated technology.

This technology produces a thick layer and a certain resilience, so it can be applied to the installation of PVC or galvanized pipe used for gas, high-pressure water, fire extinguisher. The main function of seal tape is to prevent leaks in faucet connections and pipe connections that have threads. However, for usage functions can be distinguished into low-pressure water pipes, high, gas, and fire extinguisher. Onda seal tape has distinct advantages of seal tape in general. In addition to the thicker and chewy, this material can be applied to the use of different. When mounted on the connection, Seal tape is able to withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius and density Seal tape colors are denser than other products.

We can distinguish the use of Onda seal tape based on the colors that symbolize its function, namely water, gas, and others. White tape seal is used in PVC and galvanized pipes for low-pressure water, this type is most widely used in bathroom installations, toilets, kitchens and others. The length of one roll 10 meters. Blue Onda seal tape is used in high-pressure air piping and exclusive installation. Commonly used in high-pressure pump joints. For example the connection of a pump on a pipe that uses ground water. “Blue Onda seal tape is thicker and chewier than the white one long roll of 15 meters,” said Wolfry.

Seal tape Onda yellow can be used for gas pipelines, compressors, and others. In addition, it is suitable for areas that have chemical intensity, because seal tape is more resistant and strong. Red Onda seal tape is used in fire extinguishers installed in both homes and high rise buildings. Resistant to high water pressure and more efficient, because it is able to close the thread perfectly.