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An Electrical Brush Type that Suitable for You

Along with the development of the era, now appears a lot of electric toothbrush around us. There are many types of toothbrushes sold in the market. You can visit www.bestelectrictoothbrushreviewsguide.com and find the toothbrush that best suits you.

Type of Electric Tooth Brush:

1. Based on the Power Source

– Electric Toothbrush with Electricity
Electrical Tooth Brush This type, using a rechargeable battery that is embedded in the body of the Electric Tooth Brush. The battery is charged with Electricity through the holder. The advantage of this type is no need to replace the battery. The lack of this type is relatively expensive, and many people do not like any electrical appliances in the Bathroom. Because toilets/toothbrushes usually have a lot of water, so they worry about being stung by electricity + water)

– Electric Toothbrush with Battery
Electric Toothbrush Battery Type, use rechargeable battery but can be removed from an electric toothbrush, or use regular batteries (alkaline and ordinary / non-alkaline). The advantages of this type are, relatively cheaper, low risk for electric shock, and easy to obtain. Disadvantages of Battery Toothbrush, it is necessary to replace the battery periodically. Despite the need to replace the battery, users rarely use rechargeable batteries in the market, because it turns out the use of regular batteries can last up to 1 month, so it is cheap enough to be replaced, compared to rechargeable batteries (given the inconvenience & high price of rechargeable batteries)

2. Based on Brush Head

– Can be removed
Electric Toothbrush of this type is more commonly used. Although slightly more expensive than an electric toothbrush type of brush head can not be removed. But people still prefer the Electric Toothbrush that can be removed from the brush head, with consideration more durable, easier maintenance (because it can be cleaned), and in some cases, can be used crowded family (1 family, just 1 electric toothbrush) Just replace with the brush head of each.

– Can not be Released
The electric toothbrush of this type is rarely found, but cheaper.